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To book an appointment, please book online, or telephone reception.
All surgical procedures should be booked by telephone, so we can issue pre-operative instructions.
Prices include VAT at 20%


  Standard Price
First Consultation £57.00
Subsequent Consultation £47.00

These consultation prices exclude the prices of any treatments or medications administered.
An estimate of the costs of your treatment is available on request from your veterinary surgeon.


  Standard Price FROM
Dog Castration (from 4 months old)
           0 - 10 kg £272.38
          10 - 25 kg £301.54
           25 - 40 kg £351.22
            > 40 kg £379.84
Laparoscopic spaying (Bitches) (From 4 months old)*
           0 - 10 kg £601.23
          10 - 25 kg £654.85
           25 - 40 kg £723.04
            > 40 kg £798.87
Cat (From 4 months old)
           Castration £130.52
           Spay** £210.44
Ferrets Please book an appointment to discuss the options
Rabbits (from 4 months old)
           Castration £158.87
           Spaying £210.44


*may be done before the first season, or 6 weeks after the season has fully stopped
**may be done before the first season. For recently kittened cats, we recommend neutering 3 weeks after kittening.

Please note all prices exclude any post-operative complications necessitating further medical or surgical interventions.


We recommend routine vaccination against diseases to prevent potentially life threatening diseases.
Your pet’s vaccinations are tailored to their needs, giving them only the vaccinations they require according to the duration of immunity afforded by the injections.
If you would like to discuss your vaccination needs, please book an appointment with a veterinary surgeon online or with reception.

  Standard Price
Dog against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Leptospirosis
          Primary course* £78.00
          Annual booster £56.00
          Kennel Cough £39.50 or £26 when given at time of booster
          Rabies £62.00
Cats against feline calicivirus, feline herpesvirus, feline panleucopaenia and feline leukaemia virus
          Primary course** £78.00
          Annual booster £56.00
Rabbits against both VHD 1 and VHD2, and Myxomatosis
          Primary course*** £156.00
          Annual booster £105.30 (2 injections, 2 weeks apart)
Ferrets Protection against Distemper 
          Single injection £55.00
          Annual booster £45.00

*2 injections, 4 weeks apart, from 6 weeks of age
**2 injections, 3 to 4 weeks apart, from 8 weeks of age
***2 injections, from 5 weeks of age (VHD2 injection after 10 weeks of age)


We appreciate your understanding that we are a “pay at the time” practice, including emergencies, and we can help you with this by providing an estimate of costs on request.

A prepayment of a deposit may be required prior to some services being undertaken, and your cooperation is appreciated.

Please appreciate that an estimate is not a quotation, and that the costs may vary depending on the clinical particulars of the procedure and any complications that become evident.

We accept payment by cash or debit/credit card (we do not accept American Express or cheques)

We do not offer credit options, delayed payments or accounts.

If you are unable to meet the costs of treatment, then please seek assistance from charitable support options such as the PDSA or RSPCA.